10 questions with Supermodel Kasey Kasket & CouplesCorner.biz!

10 questions with Supermodel Kasey Kasket & CouplesCorner.biz!


1] What is your proudest modeling achievement? I wouldn’t say proudest, but I did a photo shoot recently without any makeup or hair styling. My hair was washed and air drying on my way over to the studio. It felt good to have a bare bones photo of myself to show the world who I am behind the mask.

2] How long have you been a seamstress & what is your favorite thing to sew? I started sewing when I was about 12 years old. I always had ideas for things I wanted, but could never find anything like them so I just decided to create them myself. It’s worked out pretty good for me so far! My favorite projects to make are costumes. I did a shoot yesterday with an Erzsebet Bathory costume I made a couple years ago, and it was awesome to be able to photograph it.

3] Who are your favorite female models to work with? I’ve actually only worked with another model once. We did a calendar shoot for Disaster Photography, months March and October. It was fun! There are so many beautiful models that I would love to work with in the future, I can’t pick just one!


4] What is on your ipod? My current music is always changing. At the moment, the most recent music I’ve listened to includes Ghost, Queensryche, Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids, Grace Jones, Tool, and Watain.

5] What do you think is the hardest part of being a model that people do not realize? Even though I model, I’m very self conscious. I usually think I look silly or that I’m not going to do a good job. I am very grateful to work with the photographers that I do, and my worst fear is disappointing them.

6] What is the worst pick up line you ever had used on you? I love cheesy pick up lines. The first thing my boyfriend had sent me before we starred dating was an Anchorman quote, and I thought it was hilarious. The cheesiest line had to be when I was 14. With a friend visiting her dad in Hollywood, we walked pass a homeless man on the Blvd. And he said,”Excuse me miss, you seemed to have dropped something.” I turned around, patted my pockets and he said, “My heart if I’m not mistaken.”

7] What is the most screwed-up serious business offer you ever received? I once had a guy sneak into the woods that I found out he wasn’t allowed to be in. I have a heat intolerance, it was the middle of summer, and we had to hike two miles through the woods to the location. Also, he argued with me about riding with him to the woods, even though I was driving my own car. He even tried to bribe me with ‘candy and soda’ to get me in his vehicle.

8] What is it that you do at stores etc at Halloween time? I work for Spooky Empire, a horror convention in Orlando, FL. They have their main convention in October. I love anything that has to do with Halloween, so when October rolls around I work part time at a place called Halloween Megastore in Daytona Beach. I enjoy helping people put together their costumes :)

9] What is your ultimate goal you want to achieve as a model? I’d like to go as far as I can with modeling. I’d love to work with alternative fashion magazines, clothing lines, and represent companies. There’s never an end goal to moving forward.

10] What do you think is the coolest thing on our website? You guys have some of the most awesome items I’ve ever seen. My favorite has to be the vacuum bed! I don’t think that would ever get old.


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